What is the main cause of obesity?


When am I obese?

You are obese if your BMI index is over 30. If your  BMI is between 25-30, your weight is more than its supposed to be.

Most likely causes of obesity

The following reasons are the most likely causes for your obesity:


You eat more calories than you burn. The body will store it as fat.


Sedentary lifestyle. You’re doing too little. That causes a lower fat burning. Today we are spending too much time in a car or behind a computer. Our grandparents did a lot more physical work. Truth is you should use your body. Physical work gives a stable insulin level. Studies have shown that unstable insulin levels can lead to weight gain and of course, a fit and healthy body makes you feel much better.

Lack of sleep. Tiredness can affect the body. Make you want to eat more. Especially high concentrations of calories like sugar and fat.

Stress can have the same effect. Studies show people with zero influence on their job can be obese.

Not only a matter of willpower

It’s not just a matter of willpower. It’s a mix of physical and psychological reasons and the fact there is plenty of high-calorie food in our modern world. Of course, we don’t eat only to stay alive.

Sugar and fat seem to be an irresistible combination, and we consume much more snacks. So we should blame the food industry. They know what they are doing.

A mix of reasons has caused an obesity and health disaster — the biggest in the history of western civilization and the history of humanity.

Problem is what to do about it.

Diseases caused by obesity

Its well-known obesity is the cause for numbers of diseases

Diabetes 2

High blood pressure

Heart disease and strokes

Certain types of cancer

Sleep apnea


Fatty liver disease

Kidney disease

Pregnancy problems. Like high blood sugar during pregnancy.

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