What is calories?

Yes, what is calories and what does it mean to us then we want to lose weight?


You will meet the word calorie all the time. It’s the method to tell how much energy there is in food. Usually, it’s specified as Kcal. So I will do the same. Kilojoule has been introduced a long time ago and does the same. But Kcal is still most used.

If you want to be slim again knowledge about calories is everything. Or else it’s not possible to achieve any kind of control over the process. You will be like a ship without a rudder. It’s about attaining control

But both Kcal and Kilojoule are specified on the declaration of every kind of food. It’s also defined how much of the food is protein, carbohydrates, or fat. Basically, a calorie is just a measurement unit for heat. I wouldn’t recommend it. But if you set the food on fire with a torch, you can clearly see it contains energy.

Food and Calories is protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Your intake of every item decides your weight too. It’s not necessary to become an expert. But know-how is everything.

Food intake is necessary to survive. We can live for about 3 months without food and 3 days without water. The content of food is needed for everything. As fuel for the cells in our body. To build tissue, flesh, bones, muscles, skin, and so on.

To maintain our body. For breathing, blood circulating and chemical processes inside the body. If we lack calories, we will experience hunger and thirst. Just to get our attention. So we know we need more.

Reality is in western societies’ hunger, or starvation is not a big issue anymore. Both social foods is a big part of our culture.

Food items

So all food contains energy and building blocks. As a living organism, we depend on a daily intake of energy in the form of food and water. Yes, I say water. Because every kind of drinking products is made of water and energy too of course.

As everyone knows, there is a huge difference in food. Some are loaded with high concentrations of calories. Others contain almost no calories. Because I want to lose weight, I will be very interested in food with a low amount of calories and avoid food with a high concentration.

I must admit I like Cake, Chips, Chocolate, and Cola very much. My problem is if I eat it in significant amounts, I will not lose weight. On the contrary, it will destroy my diet.

As I will tell more about. To lose weight, its necessary to eat less than we burn to make the body to burn the fat stored. If you eat about 400 grams of fat every day and burn 450 grams, you will lose weight. But if you only burn 350 grams, it will clearly not happen.

It’s interesting to know 1 kilo of fat contains about 9000 calories Bodyfat contains water too. So it contains about 7000 calories.

We can quickly compare the number of calories in 100 grams of different food types.

Filled Chocolate 460 calories

Bacon 417 calories

White Bread 274 calories

Apple 76 calories

Maybe it’s best to stick to the kind of food that only needs 2 numbers?

Or so much can you consume for 300 calories:

2.8 kilos of Cucumbers

1 Cheeseburger from McDonald’s

2 Beers

2 cans of Cola

55 grams of dark chocolate

580 grams of apple

How much do you need?

That’s an excellent question. To fuel and build the body, everyone needs a specific daily intake of calories and hopefully not more than that.

An excellent word is a metabolism. It’s called the bodies engine. It’s the process that transforms the food into pure energy. To keep you alive and warm. It’s always turned on no matter if you sleep, sit on the sofa, or is active. Metabolism is constant all day and night. It’s relentless. You don’t burn more in specific hours.

How much we need is very much individual. Not 2 humans have the same needs. It’s very much depended on of gender. Men need more than women.

It depends on age. We all perfectly know then we were 17 we were so skinny because we burnt every calorie. After we passed 40 or 50, we can hardly look on a piece of cake without Cain weight.

It depends on your height. How big you are. It does depend on your weight too. That’s why you will get the most significant weight loss in the start. After that, the weight loss will start to slow down.

Heritage is a significant factor too. Your chromosomes decide how you look and how you function.

An activity, of course. If you are active, you need more. The activity can be work and exercise. Both moderate or heavy activity.

In an ideal world you will eat like that:

15-20% of Kcal from protein

45-65% of Kcal from Carbohydrates

25-35% of Kcal from fat

To calculate calories

But there are ways to calculate how much we need daily. To be very rough: Women need 2000 calories and Men 2500 calories per day. There are formulas to calculate that. But you don’t need to do that. Some apps and websites can be helpful.

It will be possible too to get help from nutrition experts to calculate your daily need. It’s always a good idea to get help instead of struggling alone.


Calories are the most essential word if You want to lose weight without suffering. It gives you knowledge about what food is to use that knowledge to your own advantage. To lose weight. Don’t starve. But focus on the kind of food with a little number of calories and avoid food that loaded with high concentrations of calories. Yes, I know many times its more easy to say than to do. But it’s about your health and quality of life.

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