Tools and Appliances You May Need When on a Raw Food Diet

It can be exciting when embarking on a new diet that will transform your life. Half the fun is in getting started. When you’re on a raw food diet, you’ll definitely need some tools and appliances to help you prepare your food.

The list below will give you a list of items that you’ll most probably need. Everything else extra that you wish to get is up to you. Do shop around and look for the best prices before you purchase anything.

• Knives and knife-sharpener

Ideally, you should have a complete set of sharp knives to prepare your food. A paring knife, Janelle knife, and chef’s knife are essential. If another member’s in your family are preparing meat dishes, avoid using the same knives. There may be cross-contamination, and you might get bacteria into your raw meals that can make you very sick.

When buying knives, cheaper is NOT better. Get a good quality set even if it costs more. Remember to get a knife-sharpener too.

• Cutting boards

Stick to plastic because they’re easier to clean, and bacteria will be less likely to thrive in the ruts of a plastic board. You may wish to get 2 separate boards of different colors.

Pungent vegetables like garlic, ginger, and onions should be cut on one board, while your fruits and vegetables should be cut on another board. If you insist on only using one board, you may end up cutting a slice of apple one day and find that it smells and tastes like the garlic you chopped up the night before.

• Kitchen scale

When preparing juices and recipes, the scale will help you weigh the food so that you can get your measurements right.

• Mixing bowls and salad tongs

Use glass bowls to toss your salads and vegetables. Use the tongs to serve out portions.

• Vegetable peeler, salad spinner, spatulas and utensils

All pretty straightforward items. The salad spinner will help to drain excess water from your veggies so that you’ll not be left with a watery mess when you add the dressing.

• Water filter

Attaching a water filter to your tap will help to remove toxins, metals, chemicals, and other bacteria from your water. While they won’t be 100 percent effective, these filters will contribute to a great extent to reduce the harmful substances in the water.

• Juicer

This is an absolute necessity. You’ll use the juicer to juice fruits and vegetables to make a wide variety of juices. This is especially useful for people who dislike certain vegetables. For example, if you don’t like the smell and crunchiness of celery, juicing it together with an apple will help to mask the taste and smell.

It’s easy to gulp the juice down in seconds and still get the same benefits as you would if you ate the stalk of celery.

• Blender

This will be used to make smoothies, dressings, juices, soups, etc. Anyone who is on a raw food diet definitely needs to own a blender.

These are just some of the tools and appliances that you will need. You might also choose to buy a dehydrator or a food processor to give your diet more flexibility. Generally, it’s best to stick to the basic items in the beginning.

There’s no point in buying a ton of equipment only for you to give up on the raw food diet after a week. That’ll be a waste. Stick to the raw food diet for at least a month before buying all the cool gadgets and tools that will take your food preparation to the next level.

This is an excellent diet, and once you start eating food without labels, you’ll no longer need to count your calories. The raw food diet your answer to better health.

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