Should I lose weight?

Should you Lose weight?

Of course, you should! But my point is: It’s not up to me, community or anyone else to decide. I can’t tell you what to do. You decide for yourself. You are the king in Your own life.


No matter what it will not happen unless you make it happen. You hold the keys to happiness. You are in charge here.

Do you feel all right?

Do you really in your heart and soul feel good been obese? Then carry on as usual. No matter what people and I think about it. Do you think you are happy doing what you are doing? You should go on.

Is it a big problem?

But does It feel like a huge problem and does it pain you every day? Do you suffer from low confidence, self-hatred, peoples negative attitude? Health issues? Then you should decide to do something about it.

How to do it

I will admit I am not a doctor or a nutrition expert. So why should you listen to me? It’s because I am in the same situation. Today my weight is about 119 kg. But a year ago it was a staggering 143 kg. Then I decided to do something about it. I don’t have a unique system. I can’t promise you will lose many pounds in a short time. It’s not necessary with a diet. It’s essential to change your habits, and that includes what you eat.

How to lose weight

You can expect to lose 2 kilos per month. It’s considered a good fat loss. Yes, it doesn’t sound much. But it means 24 kilos per year. Those kilos will never come back again. The way to do it? Eat less than you consume. So the body has to take from the supplies stored. It means fat. That’s so simple and yet so hard. How to do it? It’s about what and how much you eat and how active you are. But much more about that later.

Free your life

Make the right decision to Liberate yourself. To change and free your life