See the problem

What is the problem here? Let’s find out.

What’s your problem?

Every time you’re starting on a task, you should try to specify what’s the situation right now. What happened? How did it come to this? What seems to be the problem?

Why am I obese? At least I asked myself that question. Yes, I didn’t like the answer. But self-denial will not help at all.

Problem specified

The answer is simple: I overeat. I eat more than my body can burn. So it has to store the rest as body fat. That’s why my body weight has skyrocketed in the last years. It’s that simple or maybe not. Maybe it’s not entirely my fault.

It’s not an attempt to out shaming every obese people. But the problem is enormous — a disaster.



What happens here is perfectly natural. Part of our strategy to survive. Think about how life was for our ancestors. They couldn’t be sure to get enough to eat. They couldn’t be sure they would have food tomorrow or next year. Many times they hadn’t.

Our body can deal with that situation. Or else we wouldn’t be present today. Our body remembers after millions of years of evolution. It hasn’t changed since the stone age.

So every time there’s plenty of food you eat as much as you can. In the summer you have to eat well. Maybe you will run out of supplies during the winter. Or even worse if the harvest fails. In both cases, you will have to starve. Our survival isn’t guaranteed. Humanity has a cruel history of warfare too. Maybe people were left behind with no supplies. Or they had to struggle on the roads as refugees.

Our bodies strategy is to store body fat in good times, so there’s something to bring you through times of crises. It can try to slow down fat burning and metabolism. If there is plenty of food, it’s an excellent strategy to relax and do as little as possible. Everything that can help you to survive.


Today in our modern industrial world, the situation is suddenly turned upside down. There is plenty of food in our society. There’s much more than we can eat. In the United States and the western world, there’s 150-200 % more food than we can eat. A tribute to very productive agriculture.

Very calorie dense too. A typical biscuit has four times more calories than in the past.  Without our knowledge, the portions on our plates have increased in size over many years. Imagine if you are a host for a dinner party. What if you run out of the food you will feel you have failed.

We eat many more snacks. For just 50 years ago it was reasonable to eat only three meals in a day.

Studies seem to show a combination of sugar, and fat feels irresistible. That’s a reason why you eat all the biscuits in a packet.

The food industry is perfectly aware of that fact because they employ their very own experts for a reason.

Our society wastes food in enormous amounts. Food that’s never eaten. It is trowed out because it can not sell.

Obesity is a threat to national security

That situation has triggered an epidemic of obese people. Especially in the United States and Western Europe. Did You know Pentagon in 2018 has declared obesity a threat to national security? That’s because a third of Men in every generation are obese and don’t qualify to physic training. So the army lacks recruits.

In the united states, 20 percent of the population in each of the 50 states is obese. Worst in the south and less in Colorado.

Two-thirds of the population in the UK is considered obese. They weight more than they are supposed to. It’s entirely correct to call it a health catastrophe.

It’s easy to see how serious it is. Today health system diagnoses many modern days children with type 2 diabetes.

Or you can try to visit any developing country and see how many obese people you can find there. It’s a fact too we were much more active in the past. Today machines liberate us for more and more of the heavy and dull work.

Animal Kingdom

Or you can try to look at the wildlife. It wouldn’t be efficient for an animal to be obese. A swallow wouldn’t be very useful as a swallow. It wouldn’t be convenient for an eagle to be overweight. It would be harder to catch its prey. A Hippo looks big. But it has the size it’s supposed to.

Animals can live in balance with their environment. They don’t eat more than they need. An elephant has the size that’s right for an elephant. Same for a mountain Gorilla. Only obese animals you can find is pets and livestock. They get their food from their human owners.


But We people prefer to grow our food. With the consequences that give. It’s a luxury problem. An extraordinary situation in our part of the world. In Europe, we only have to go back to World War 2 before we could find a lack of food and starvation.

But now with plenty of food, our bodies mechanisms to survival is suddenly turned against us. Our own body has become our worst enemy. It goes on as usual. In good times it tells us to eat plenty. So we do. It stores it as body fat like it used to do. Problem is if food is very rich in calories and times of crises never comes. Today we are so used to get more than we can eat every day. So we don’t think about that anymore. For us, it`s not an unusual situation.

Our brain does not have a mechanism that says:  THAT`S  ENOUGH NOW!!! It can`t just switch it off.

Realize there is heritage too. Our chromosomes decide who we are in many ways. It’s not uncommon; some of us is not effective to burn fat. Age has importance too. It’s not unusual to become more round when you are older and not skinny anymore when you were young. No matter how much you regret it.

Some studies say there can be a connection between appetite and tiredness. Meaning if you don’t sleep well or sleep too little when it can mess with your hormone balance, so you want to eat more and affect your opportunity to lose weight.

Why that long speech? It`s facts. Proven facts and if you want to lose weight, it’s good to see the bigger picture. It does not mean we are powerless and only victims to the elements. We do have the will and power to think and decide for ourselves.


You can change your habits. You don’t need a diet. But new food items. A new way to eat.

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