Metabolism.Our engine.

Yes, the body engine is running all the time.

Our bodies engine

If you are interested in questions about food, losing body fat and diets, you will meet the word metabolism all the time. It’s a little hard to get a definition of metabolism. But it’s the overall energy processes that keep our body and you alive. You can say it’s your bodies engine. All the chemical processes inside us convert the hidden energy in our food to energy for all the cells. That’s for everything. Fuel to keep us function 24/7. Building blocks to build, maintain, and replace all living tissue. Bones, muscles, organs, skin, and so on.

Let take a banana as an example. You can’t see it. But it contains energy. But you can’t use it without ripping it to pieces and split it to molecules the cells in your body can use. That’s what digestion is all about, and it all starts in your mouth. You chew the food, and it continues in your system.

Then it becomes complicated. You can almost compare what is going on inside the body and the organs as one big chemical factory. Reactions are going on. It would take whole books to cover it all.

It’s the thyroid’s job to control the metabolism. To produce the hormones to keep it in balance. Some diseases related to the thyroid. But it’s not relevant here.

BMR? What’s that?

Have you ever heard about BMR before? It means Basal Metabolic Rate. The minimum required the number of calories to keep the body correctly function without problems. For breathing, blood circulation, digestion, and everything else necessary. It’s about 50-70 % of the overall metabolism.

Of course, there are differences from person to person. But it’s about 1750-1900 calories per day for a Man and approximately 1400-1500 calories for a woman.

It has been clinically tested on persons without food for 12-18 hours and doing nothing in a room with average temperature.

But if you go lower than that we begin to talk about starvation. Under the minimum needed by the body. That’s an unhealthy condition and can even be dangerous.

Healthy metabolism

5-10% of metabolism is for digestion. What’s left is for physics activity. That’s where you have the best opportunity to boost your metabolism. It increases your fat burning and raises the limit for how much you can eat without gain more weight.

That’s the most significant factor. It’s well-known a carpenter burns more energy per day than an employee in an office chair. But in our time machines takes more and more of the heavy work. It can be good or bad at the same time.

Protein can give a higher metabolism too because it requires more energy to digest protein than carbon hydrates and fat. But it should be with a low amount of fat. I’m talking about fish and chicken and other low calories sources of protein. According to a famous myth, chili and coffee can boost your metabolism. That’s not true. If there is an effect at all, it’s a concise while.

Bodyweight is an essential factor too. The more your weight is the more energy you need. That’s why you lose more weight in the beginning. Then your weight loss decreases. Bigger muscles will require more energy than body fat. Man needs more energy than women because Man typical are bigger and weight more.

Smoking and stress is a factor too. But that’s because it disturbs the hormone system. It’s a more unhealthy way to increase metabolism and lose weight. It’s much better to focus on food and exercise.

You can boost your burning just by drinking cold water. Because digestion needs water. So that’s a way to make your metabolism more efficient.

A good nights sleep is most valuable. There’s a link between tiredness and overweight. Do you sleep all right or do you lack sleep or wake up several times during the night.

You can try to stand up some more instead of sitting all the time. Or be more active with the household. It does affect.

You will burn more calories in cold weather. You can see it in the most extreme ways with people traveling in polar regions and Mountaineers.

Green tea should have an effect to boost the burning. But I don’t know how much.

A popular myth is that food eaten during the day is most likely to be burned, and the food you eat before bedtime will store as fat. But it’s not true. Metabolism runs at a constant rate, no matter time of day.

Many times people use metabolism as an excuse “I have a slow metabolism.” But usually, that’s not the problem. In studies, they have been able to compare people and found they had the same burning. There was a good reason why test persons were obese: They overate!

The Wall

The long diet will make the body slow down metabolism and burning. An excellent word for that is starvation mode. That has something to do with the body trying to take care of itself. It will always try to maintain it’s body weight, and it feels like an abnormal situation to lose bodyweight. It can also increase your appetite. Encourage you to eat more. That’s natural. But works against us in a world flooded with food.

Many people will meet the so-called wall where it’s almost impossible to achieve more weight loss. You can try to break the barrier by double your efforts with protein and exercise to encourage the body to go on with the weight loss.

It doesn’t help is to starve yourself. Then your body believes there’s a food shortage going on. So it’s necessary to decrease burning for you to survive. Or at least that’s how the body feels it. Of course, no food crises are going on. But it doesn’t know that.

Increase burning

So to lose weight, it’s terrific to know there are several and healthy ways to affect metabolism and increase burning. Some best is to choose the right food and exercise and don’t worry. It can be done by ease without being training for the Olympics.

Diet pills??? Hmm! I will choose not to do it. At least talk with a Doctor first, and illegal pills can be dangerous. Be wise. Choose the healthy way.


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