How to lose weight


Yes, that’s a huge question. How should you do it? What methods work?

The simple way

To simplify it. To lose weight, do the following:

1. Eat fewer calories than burned.

2. Do exercise. Or at least move your body more than you do now.

3. Avoid stress.

4. Get a good nights sleep

It’s that simple or not. If it was, they couldn’t write whole books and articles about the subject. But for now, that’s the only method I`m ready to recommend. Like it or not.

But please feel free to inform me if I`m wrong. What I can try is to give you tips to lose weight.

Eat fewer calories than you burn

It’s evident if you do that it will suddenly give your body a problem and in the end, it will have to take from the body fat stored, and you will lose weight. Simple as that.

The Problem is the body doesn’t like to lose weight and will try to resist. It can do it by slowing down your burning or encourage you to eat more or both at the same time. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s programmed like that to help you. But it works against us when our specific wish is to lose weight.

Do keep in mind. I said, eat fewer calories. Not eat less food.

So you will have to eat plenty. But choose food with a low amount of calories. That includes healthy eating and exclude most unhealthy. If you are so unfortunate that your chromosomes make it hard for you to lose weight, you will have to stick to a diet like that for the rest of your life.

But it doesn’t have to be boring. There are so many receipts on good healthy food low in calories that both taste and looks good.

You are changing your habits. If you don’t know what will happen when you start again to eat like you used to eat, the kilos you lost will come back to you. Yes, I know: Unfair! But that’s how it is. Problems won’t go away just because you refuse to see the realities.

Quick solutions?

It’s not the purpose to sell you any quick solutions. Because I don’t think there is any. It is not a sprinter distance; it’s a marathon. But of course, if I am wrong, please tell me about it.

We always try to chase quick solutions because we don’t like it the hard way. But sorry to say. No immediate answers. No shortcuts.

I have seen colored magazines. Promising miracles. That and that method can lose many kilos of weight in just days. I don’t believe it. Maybe you lose some kilos. When you start to eat usually again, they will come back, and they will bring their family with them. The only thing you will lose is confidence.

I do use powder sometimes. But only as a supplement. It has a documented effect. But again, the same problem. The kilos you lost will return when you eat as you used to.

Does military diet work? I don’t know. I have never tried it. But if you have? Feel free to tell me about it.

Do exercise

That sounds scary for many. But it doesn’t have too. We don’t talk about the super bowl or the Olympics here. Even little efforts can do. You don’t need to start from day 1. That’s a lot easier to lose weight through your diet than exercise.

It’s essential to be motivated and make it a lifestyle. You can’t do exercise if you hate it or see it as slavery when you won’t last long. I will write about it later.

But the whole purpose, according to weight loss, is to affect the metabolism, so you increase burning and need for calories. In that way, there’s more tolerance to how much you can eat and on top of that, it will give you more energy. Believe me. Sport and exercise make you feel such a lot better.

Avoid Stress

Yes, easy to say. Harder to do. But according to studies, there seems to be a connection between stress and overweight. Stress hormone seems to disturb metabolism in a way, so it’s harder to burn calories.

We live in modern society, and that gives some problem. In our body is built in the so call fight or run instinct. It goes millions of years back in our past. Presented to a threat to gets a big boost of the stress hormone, and it gives you extra power to fight or escape. It’s so fast, so you don’t have time to think. It helps you to survive if your life is in danger, for example, from an enemy or a predator.

Yes, there’s not many of them in our modern cities. But our body doesn’t know that. So it tries to handle modern life more complicated situations in the same way. Imagine if you had an unpleasant meeting with the tax department or your bank. Would you try to attack the guy you’re going to meet or try to run away?  I don’t think so. But that’s what your body wants you to do.

So your fight or run instinct will be activated time after time, despite it can’t do something about the situation. Thankfully we are not only victims. We can do something to switch the fight or run instinct off.

There’re several techniques for relaxation. Exercise and sport, as I mentioned before, can be useful against stress.

Or perhaps it’s even your whole life you should try to change. Are you happy with your life or are there too many wrong things? Do your job sucks or even your entire everyday living. Reaction to that is stress.

Get a good nights sleep

Do you sleep well? That can have something to do with stress too. Studies suggest that tiredness can have a connection to obesity also. There have been tests with people who slept way too little, so they felt tired during the day. Every one of them felt an urge to eat more. Especially sugar and sweets. So it seems their appetite was seriously disturbed.

Insomnia and sleep problems can be an issue. The causes can be too much noise and stress on the job. Many have to work night shifts. Our society has to function 24/7.

To specify. Maybe obesity isn’t entirely our fault. A lot of factors try to work against us and our goal.



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