Why Eat Fish? 8 good reasons!


We all know fish is healthy. But do you eat it? No? What a shame! Why try to avoid it? Fish is a good source of protein, and for us who want to lose weight, it’s of great interest. Because of its low in calories. Its Real superfood.

So maybe we should try to eat more fish. Instead of just the usual canned fish in tomato sauce. Despite its a great source of fish too.

So for a start, here are 8 excellent reasons to eat fish. But if you want to add more, feel free to.

1. There is a large variety of fish

There are many species of fish. The sea and ocean are rich. Cod, salmon, tuna, trout, sardines, mackerels. There’s enough for everyone. This is one of the significant strengths of this food. You can make several fish meals a week without eating the same thing. No wonder every country has fish on the menu. This diversity is also reflected in the prices. Seasonal fish are cheaper, and those can be offered as canned food.

2. Fish improves memory

You become wise of eating fish. It’s good for the mind. It is because the fish is very rich in phosphorus and omega-3. Phosphorus is present in the membranes of the brain. So it’s perfect for your mind. Omega-3s provide essential fatty acids to nerve cells. From an early age, fish helps with intellectual development. Over the years, it can be very effective against Alzheimer’s disease.

3. They are excellent for the cardiovascular system

If the fish is beneficial to our veins, arteries, and heart, it is once again because it is rich in omega-3. These essential fatty acids promote good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol. So it almost lubricates you from inside, and the risk of succumbing to cardiovascular disease is halved!

4. They keep you forever young

Fish is rich in zinc and selenium. These trace elements ensure the renewal of your cells. So it’s excellent for your skin. It even delays aging. At the same time, the vitamin E present in some fish allows you to look good, and the vitamin B ensures a good blood circulation.

5. Fish is good for your mood.

Thanks to the essential fatty acids that compose it, fish is excellent for keeping the spirit up. It reduces stress, anxiety, and the risk of depression. Thanks to omega-3s, which ensure the correct functioning of the cardiovascular system and better diffusion of the hormones secreted.

6. Fish gives strong bones.

Because of its excellent source of vitamin D., This allows the body, and your bones, to better absorb the calcium consumed. Also, fish contains phosphorus, a mineral as good for the brain as for the bones and teeth.

7. Fish helps to cure tiredness

If you always are tired and low on energy. Fish is rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements:  it is complete! Eating fish at least twice a week gives you more power and stamina. Because it is also very rich in iron. Its always good to eat food that increases your strength.

8. Fish is right for your figure

If you want to look more beautiful. Fish is a slimming ally. It is rich in proteins, the benefits of which are many: they strengthen the immune defenses, promote the renewal of tissues, and guarantee the proper functioning of the body. As I have mentioned. Fish is low in calories and very tasty. So it’s perfect for replacing pork and other kinds of meat several times a week, and you have much better chances to reach an average weight.

Eat fish at least twice a week if you want to optimize your health, body, and mind. And in your quest to lose weight, it’s ideal. So give seafood a chance.


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